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TOEIC ® Public Testing

What is the TOEIC Test?

TOEIC stands for Test of English for International Communication and is an internationally recognised test to assess the English communication abilities of non-native English speakers.  This test is conducted in more than 90 countries around the world with approximately 4.5 million candidates each year taking the test.  For companies, particularly in Asian countries, the TOEIC score can affect promotions and employment within the company.  The test result is not described as pass/fail but scaled from 10 to 990.  With this precise assessment, the reliability and consistency of this test have been recognised so that TOEIC is used as one of the world standards to judge the English level of a non-native English speaker.

Perth International College of English is a TOEIC Public Test Centre, so external students are welcome to take the test at our institute on a specific date.  Because we are a Public Test Centre, an official certificate issued by ETS is provided with the test results for each examinee.

Booking a TOEIC test at Perth International College of English

-          The TOEIC test takes place every 8 weeks on Friday afternoons. 

-          We accept test bookings by telephone and in person. 

-          Please call our reception or visit the school to book your TOEIC test. 

-          Your test date is confirmed when you pay the test fee of $180 (non-refundable). 

-          It is best to book at least two weeks before the test date.

-          You must bring your passport and one extra photo (passport size) on the day of the test.



TOEIC Public Testing 

 Australia & New Zealand 


Perth International College of English


Friday 16th February

Friday 19th April

Friday 14th June

Friday 16th August

Friday 11h October

Friday 6st December


Students should register with the Test Centre of their choice.  

To locate a Public Testing Centre, please go to www.toeictest.com.au

The Test Centre will confirm the start time of the test session.

Applicants usually receive the results for the TOEIC test within two weeks. Because the results come so quickly it is popular for business people, students looking for a better job and applicants for university or vocational schools.


Perth International College of English is located in the centre of Perth, easily accessed from the train and bus stations.

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TOEIC is a registered trademark of Educational Testing Service (ETS) in the United States, used in New Zealand under license.

What Our Students Say

  • PICE is a beautiful school, I studied 1 year and thanks to the wonderful teachers I reached my goal. I found a great family, excellent staff and excellent locations in the PICE. Thank you for this wonderful experience.
  • I totally recommend this college because it has excellent teachers and a really good reputation. You can find students from all parts of the world. PICE has different levels and different courses, it depends on your interest and the level of English you have. Schedules and prices are very good. PICE is located in the centre of the city, near to shops, restaurants, churches, pharmacies, etc... PICE is the best.
  • PICE college is a very good schooI with a good location in the city and good accommodation. The staff is very dedicated to the students. I met good people from all around the world and we share good moments together.
  • I’m feeling so grateful because of my experience studying in P.I.C.E. for sure. I’ll recommend the school to my friends
  • An incredible experience whether at school or internship. At school we learn all areas of English and during the internship you continue to learn about your future job. The internship also allows you to practice your English in your specialization.
  • Ending a happy time studying in PICE! Being the first Paraguayan at school .. thank you for these wonderful months! I will miss you 🤗💕✨
  • My time at P.I.C.E was awesome, I couldn't have made better decision. The school gives the sensation of family, where everybody cares about us and our improvement. It is possible to see easily from the teachers, they really put their effort in the students, being very happy seeing our improvement. For that reason I finished my time there having some of them as my personal friends.