A few words to say how pleased I was to spend these 5 ½ months in Perth. At first, I did General English, for 2 ½ months. I didn’t know anything about the Cambridge Exams yet, but as soon as I heard about them, I decided to try. I’m very happy with my decision because these lessons were a very good level of teaching, and I enjoyed the fact that we were ‘pushed’ to improve ourselves. In Belgium, I don’t think it’s very important to have the FCE in order to find a job. But I did this exam mostly for myself, because I thought I could improve faster and better. And yes, I did! So I really recommend these lessons to anybody who would really like to work hard in lessons and make lots of progress.
Clelia, Belgium


I have never had such a good school experience like here. You have opened new doors for me and encouraged me to go further with learning English. I liked to come to school everyday. I liked the atmosphere in the school and how we were encouraged by all the teachers. I hope really that I can once repeat this experience. Thanks for all what you have given to me
Ariana, Switzerland


We get enough practice in all four examination areas of IELTS Test: listening, reading, writing and speaking. We are constantly learning with experienced teachers who give us specific exercises and supplementary materials and, as a consequence of this, we can notice our progress during the length of the course.
Ana, Brazil


I was really happy meeting and studying with students from so many different countries. PICE has many good teachers who really take care of every student. Everyone here is so friendly and helpful. PICE helped me to improve my English. Now I can speak and listen to native speakers much easier.
If you want to study English, please come here, it's FANTASTIC!
Mod, Thailand


I think PICE has a very warm atmosphere. All the teachers want to help the students. The students are very friendly and open.
The break times are good, I have enough time for everything.
PICE organises a variety of activities.
Elena, Russia


PICE is great.  It has a lot of different cultures and the teachers are nice.  I meet a lot of new people here, from all over the world.  The school has different levels of English classes so everybody can improve their English.  There are cooking facilities, as well as vending machines and nice lounges to sit on in break-time.
Shalini, Switzerland


This college helped me build confidence as well as develop my character and what I was capable of through believing in myself. The college is an adult college and treated me with respect and dignity. The team building with other professionals instilled confidence and pride, and helped me believe that any goal is achievable.
Thomas, Slovak Republic


KANG Tianyu

The conclusion of the student life (in PICE)I have experienced:

I have had a wonderful time in PICE thanks to all staff who work in PICE. I was made to feel at home and welcome for all staff had been absolutely kind and friendly and we did not need to worry about anything. You can speak to directors if you have some problems. PICE will suit you fine if you feel homesick. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to visit PICE if you go to Perth and think about studying in PICE. Remember that if you would like to improve English as quickly as possible, speaking English all the time and doing homework attentively are better ways.

Tianyu, China